【 Product Precautions 】

If you can accept the following natural phenomena like artistic presentation on products, confirm the order.

  • All the Trimentea products are made of natural mineral mud and glaze, so they might show slight iron spots on them.
  • Due to lights, different cameras and monitors, there will be some differences between colors of the porcelain pictures and products.
  • The products are made by hand-drawing, so the porcelain products have the shrinkage and expansion when it is burned, and it will have slight error with the actual size, which is a normal phenomenon.
  • The very little differences in the size of the gap between the tea pots and lids, due to the thickness of the blank, the glaze and the temperature of the kiln. Therefore, the products cannot be exactly the same. We apologize not to refund the products with this problem.
  • The glaze colors have very little different because using different batches of mud in the process. The products cannot be refunded due to the color difference.
  • The iron spots are natural phenomenon for the produces made of the cinnabar mud and celadon glaze water. Because the soil is rich in mineral iron.  The black spots at the bottom and inside cannot be reasons to refund.
  • The opening phenomenon caused by cinnabar mud and celadon glaze water (celadon) and white glaze water (ancient rhyme) is a normal process phenomenon, so not to refund for this problem.
  • The bloody red glaze is thick, so in the process of burned glaze, the edge will reveal the white ring. It’s the feature of bloody red “Tou Cou” arts and crafts.
  • All Trimentea products are hand-painted by the craftsmen. Each pattern is unique, so it cannot be refunded by personal reasons.
  • In addition, vases or accessories are not included. All products come with an exquisite gift box.

【 Product Shipping Precautions 】

  • General Shipment Time: The products will deliver to the consumers within 3 days after the remittance is confirmed.
  • Customized Products Shipmen Time: The products will be deliver to consumers within 90 days after the remittance is confirmed.
  • Delivery Time (Taiwan): Delivery within 2 – 3 working days. (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.)
  • Delivery Time of Products (Overseas): According to the delivery destination, there are different delivery days. Please check before shipping.
  • If there is a typhoon or natural disaster during the ordering period, please refer to the announced by Taiwan’s government. The delivery time will be delayed. We apologize to make you wait.

【 Shipping Instructions 】

  • Purchase for NT$5000, it’s free for shipment (Ship in Taiwan Island).
  • Purchase less than NT$5000, the shipment is NT$150.
  • Outlying islands and overseas destinations shipment is charged by customers.

【 Refund and Exchange Instructions 】

When the general products have the following conditions, the refund shipment is free:

  • Items do not match the order list. (Including product specifications, styles, quantities, etc.)
  • The products blemish. (Including quality blemishes, damage during shipping, etc.)

Not the above-mentioned circumstances, the shipment is charged by customers.

Personalized products:

According to the Executive Yuan, R.O.C.

According to the “Applicable Standards for the Reasonable Exceptions of the Right to Discharge of Communications Transactions” issued, Trimentea has the right not to accept returns. We agree and guarantee to provide after-sales services such as exchanges, warranty repairs and other services to consumers in accordance with the Chinese Civil Law, the Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws or sales agreements. We should have the responsibility for the guarantee, replacement, warranty maintenance and cost burden on the product page announcement or product documents.

【 After-Sales Service Instructions 】

1. If you see any blemish, damage, shortage of accessories or problems, please contact us within 7 days, we will deal with all problems as soon as possible.

2. Tea leave is one kind of food, considering the safety factors, it cannot refund and return.

3. When returning the products, please send back the receipt, anti-counterfeiting guarantee card.

And keep the original product packaging.

4. Outlet products will not be returned or exchanged.

5. If the products break within one year of consumption, customers can buy the new product at a 10% discount price, please bring with the damaged item. If it is not possible to purchase new items, the shipment of damage item will be charged by customers.

※Destruction definition:

The obvious cracks or broken, which cannot be used. If the scratch on the surface of the pot is caused by cleaning or other reasons, it is not included in this service.

【 Frequency Questions and Answers 】

1. What is the difference between high temperature burned and low temperature burned?

Our porcelain series are used for two high-temperature burning, such as the glaze color series sintering temperature. The first kiln temperature is 1330°C, and the second is 1360°C. 

Commercially available porcelains, the burning temperatures is between 800°C and 1180°C.

High temperature burning advantages:

*The high glaze density is not easy to get stuck the tea stain.

* Aroma keeps in the pot.

* Over 1200°C burned, it’s no need to worry about the release of harmful substances from glaze when high temperature water in the tea pot.

2. Is it true to make good tea with Purple Clay teapots?

The early time, the traditional Purple Clay and Zhu Mud are really good quality and its turn that can show the good tea. Because the traditional Purple Clay pot is not glazed and the pores inside are large. One pot is for one kind of tea; if one pot is used for many other teas, it will affect the pure taste. A good tea making skills is needed when using Purple Clay teapot. The traditional Purple Clay and Zhu Mud pots need to pay more attention to make pots beautifully. Compared with Trimentea handed manual high-temperature porcelain pots, not only the pot shape is beautiful and easy to use, but also simple and easy to take care. And With diffident kinds of tea in the pots, there will be no leaving aftertaste or interfere with the taste of teas.

3. Porcelain pots are not easy to heat up, so is it easy to cold the tea?

Trimentea hand-made porcelain pots are thin tire, it is suitable for making a fragrant tea that is very hot and stuffy. Therefore, to use Trimentea tea pots make the fragrant tea taste richer, and has a long-lasting taste due to the high-temperature sintering.

4. What is the difference between ours glass pots and the others of crystal glass?

The crystal glass in the market is used to make telescopes, wine glasses, decorations, and lamps. And during process of production, added chemistry material lead to improve the hardness and brightness. For food containers, it is not recommended to use. Because the high temperature release lead in the containers .It’s can cause toxicity. Trimentea glass is made of high-hardness, low-expansion coefficient “high-boron glass”. It is handmade and has a glass hardness up to 7 degrees (by the way, diamond hardness is up to 10.) Therefore, it can stand high temperatures up to 450°C, and can also withstand the instantaneous temperature difference. The temperature difference won’t cause the glass to burst. That’s the difference between ours and the commercial glass, and crystal glass.

5. The way to clean the glass tea utensils cleaning and maintenance:

When the tea stain is generated, you can use the special enzyme powder and the heating water to soak it, then use a sponge or cotton for gently wash it. Remember not to use a technical sponge. After cleaning, use cotton cloth without cotton wool to dry.

6. According to the effect of making tea, which glass and porcelain are better?

The effects of glass and porcelain are all good. Our process of the last glass utensils, the fire polishing treatment is used, so that the fragrance of the glass is almost the same as the porcelain.