Trimentea Founder-Bian Zheng

Mr. Bian Zheng, who is passionate and enthusiastic about Chinese tea.
With the passionate to create the tea house “Yang Xin Tang”.
o be a persistent tea man, so “Cao Tong” was borned.
With the passionate and the persistent to create “Trimentea”
Bian Zheng met Chinese tea by the chance in a small tea house, and fell in love with it!!

1979– Founder Bian Zheng started to learn about tea and fell into it.
1987– Opened “Yang Xin tea house.”
– Turn the tea house into a professional one, it called “Yang Xin Tang.”
1992– Development and produce the porcelain.
1995– Established the professional tea utensils brand "Cao Tang" which was well-known in tea industry.
2003– Created a hand-made high-hardness glass tea utensils, a pioneer in contemporary glass tea utens-ils.
2010– Opened the tea market in China and promote the concept of professional tea.
2011– Registered “Trimentea” brand and integrated “Yang Xin Tang” and “Cao Tang” into the new company.
2012– The first store in Beijing “Trimentea” was established.
2014– Transformed the Beijing store to become the official distribution management headquarters.
2015– The first store in Taichung, Taiwan.
2016– Opened the sub-brand “Golden Modern Teahouse.”
2017– “Trimentea” was approved as a learner by the tea industry.
2018– The official website of “Trimentea” was launched.

Trimentea Began in Beijing

The reason we called boutique Trimentea is not to show off, not to defense, or not to be arrogant. Just give out the respecting for the Mother Earth.
In 2011, Trimentea’s signature on the wall of China capital city, it adhered to the persistence of Taiwan’s Yang Xin Tang in the past years. The original handicraft tea utensils shows the classic.
The name is Trimentea, it is the definition and positioning of this brand, the persistence and confidence to support our taste. Our commitment and commitment to quality.
Someone metaphors the tea utensils from Trimentea are just like the Chinese embroidered handcuffs. How comfortable for vision sense and taste. 
Also someone says, you pick up cups of clear color, sip the tea with it and totally feel Zen. All a sudden, tea utensils and tea makers come into one. It’s rare and precious. 
As you can see, Trimentea consider about users and be a serious tea utensils producer. The way you see or use our products just the way you have good time with your old friend. How relation and easy.

Brand Management

To be a high-speed change brand, Trimentea rather than be a consummate one. Combine cultural heritage, being a creative industry, and invest in art to tea culture. The founder, Bian Zheng, has more than 30 years of tea study experience and explore the tea utensils of the five sense. We are convinced that tea utensils from Trimentea can bring people how to make good tea and being elegant.

“We pay all attention to it to be perfect, we will never put up with things can’t be perfect.” To use our tea utensils to enhance the way making good tea is our mission! To make our dream comes true! The elegant tea utensils start from Trimentea. Spread our persistence to all the world.